March 17, 2015By JennyChildren's book, Ellison, Illustration, Painting

Here’s the start of a story that made my husband write for me a while back.  I requested a time travel children’s story with a bear as the main character so I could illustrate it as practice. I’ve changed the bear to a man though. _____________ Ellison smelled warm scones before he opened his eyes. … Read More

Dancing in the kitchen

March 8, 2015By Jennycolour, Illustration, sketches

I was told that the hipster family from last week needed to be shown with their shirts off so we could see their Hipster Tattoos.  Who knew? So here they are, dancing in the kitchen on a Saturday morning. Sketch: And colored:

Fan Art

March 2, 2015By JennyIllustration, sketches

On Sunday I did my first fan art. Of course, I fan arting my daughter’s art. Here’s her original character: And here’s my drawing of it: And then I did a vectored version. I think that middle green part is the eye. Not sure. The 2 x’ed out green blobs must be decoy eyes. It … Read More

When I was little

February 28, 2015By JennyIllustration, sketches

When I was little I drew a lot. What I drew most were families. I’d just start at one end of paper, and draw the father (always the father first – the families always had a mother and father), and then work my way down the line. Then I’d name everyone, writing the name below … Read More

The bears were hungry

February 26, 2015By Jennybear, Children's book, Illustration

More images not making in onto the portfolio page. Safe to say there are even more than this. I need a new animal. I have a series sketched out for this weekend that don’t involve the bear. He might even be doing something other than eating children.

Obsessed with blue eyes

February 25, 2015By Jennycolour

Sometimes, I become obsessed with black and white images of people, wondering what colour their hair and eyes and clothes really were and how they might look different. I kept staring at this one of Thoreau this week, thinking about how blue his eyes must have been. They just looked so washed out. Eventually, it … Read More