Here are some new illustrations I’m working on. I wanted to work on some double page spreads, put more thought into the designs, and this seemed like the a good opportunity. There are some familiar characters, the friendly Attack Squirrel clan, who are celebrating the death of a very evil “care” bear.


They are so happy, in fact, that they celebrate all day, and then long into the night, dancing in the tress as squirrels do. There are party hats and plenty of food and song.

For this one, I painted it and then wasn’t happy with the tightness of it. It also seemed to be getting a bit muddy.

Yermit Illlustration party

So I painted it again focusing on being loose… or more painterly. This is the main thing I’ve struggled with in my work, is trying to marry my very loose painting style with my drawings. I’m still not sure which works best. It’s not quite there.