When I was little I drew a lot. What I drew most were families.

I’d just start at one end of paper, and draw the father (always the father first – the families always had a mother and father), and then work my way down the line. Then I’d name everyone, writing the name below each family member. The families were usually quite large – 5 or 6 kids – and almost always involved twins. I think the twins were because I liked to draw the same character and make them look different.  Also I probably wanted to have twins when I grew up.


And I drew houses, split open so you could see every room and the family inside, spread out across the house, some sleeping, some cooking, some watching tv.

All of this was done on lined paper. Even though I drew all the time, and clearly loved doing it, I don’t ever remember being given blank paper. Just notebooks of lined paper.

I don’t think any of these drawings survive. I did the one above to show what they looked like (roughly).

Then I pulled the sketches into illustrator to make them vectors, and then I got carried away applying different patterns to their clothes. Finally I quit at this one and the only part I really like is the man’s pink plaid coat.


Maybe the whole family should wear that pink pattern.