Retired military officer Yermit

February 20, 2016By Jennydoll, Plush, sewing, Yermits

I had a request for a custom Yermit: “Could you make a Yermit with a grey beard who used to be in the army and is now just grumpy and sits around pondering stuff. I believe he would be most comfortable in pajamas and perhaps a house coat with his old medals on it. He … Read More

Some Yermit Accessories

November 15, 2015By JennyFood, Process, sewing, Yermits

Today I’m working on some accessories for the Yermits. These are mostly wine, but also bags of chips, cans of pop, comics, books, laptops, donuts and more. My process is to create the items on the computer, … get a whole 8.5 x 11″ sheet ready of various items. Then print them out (backwards!) onto … Read More

New Sweaters = New Yermits

November 11, 2015By Jennycolour, sewing, Yermits

New sweaters, well new to me. Made a trip to Value Village this week on the hunt for Yermit makings, but limited myself to only buying something if it sang with sparks. Was happily successful. I think the blue one is handmade, so thanks so much to whoever made it, and apologies that I am … Read More