Sir Demyan

Posted by  on Jun 8, 2015  in Children's book, Illustration

I’ve been working on some new characters. They started out as work mates – though I’m not sure what kind, some kind of side show I think – but they recently got married and now have a daughter.

Meet Sir Demyan and his husband Paul, and their daughter (who appears a lot in my drawings, so I’m glad she has parents now).


Not sure who the other kid is.


This weekend I tried to flush them out a bit. Here’s no-name daughter with her dad, Sir Demyan. They are doing some contemplating.

contemplating with dad

I was working on some plant studies.


Which I attempted to incorporate into a picture, but I don’t like it – all too busy and too green. I’m working on redoing it to give it better composition and some focus and personality.

daughter and Paul


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