Retired military officer Yermit

Posted by  on Feb 20, 2016  in doll, Plush, sewing, Yermits

I had a request for a custom Yermit: “Could you make a Yermit with a grey beard who used to be in the army and is now just grumpy and sits around pondering stuff. I believe he would be most comfortable in pajamas and perhaps a house coat with his old medals on it. He does love wine but prefers to yell at the news paper while he reads it a breakfast with his coffee, shredded wheat and heart pills. His head gets cold now so he tends to wear an irish tweed driving cap alot. Oh and he loves his moccasin slippers.

He does not wear his old uniforms as they no longer fit a well as the once did.”

Here’s my version of this:

Yermit plush doll

Yermit doll of old man

His housecoat comes off and under it he’s wearing his favourite sweater.

Yermit plush doll of old man

I still have to make his hat and newspaper.


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