Obsessed with blue eyes

Posted by  on Feb 25, 2015  in colour

Sometimes, I become obsessed with black and white images of people, wondering what colour their hair and eyes and clothes really were and how they might look different. I kept staring at this one of Thoreau this week, thinking about how blue his eyes must have been. They just looked so washed out.

Eventually, it occurred to me to pull it into photoshop and see for myself.


I added some rugged, sunburnt colour to his aging skin, and some light brown hightlights in his unbelievably messy hair. (Was that the style back then, or did people just not bathe enough, or did he just not care for such things as grooming?)

Then I looked at more images of him, and I wasn’t quite as convinced that he had such pale blue eyes. Maybe they were even brown. I’m sure that something I could look up.


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  1. Randa
    February 25, 2015

    OH, what an interesting idea! That could be quite a hilarious series of experiments. Red hair/green eyes; black hair/blue eyes; brown hair/brown eyes…how many variations of a person can one create?!

    I found this site which describes his appearance: http://thoreau.eserver.org/images.html; apparently he had “large overhanging brows above the deepest set blue eyes that could be seen, in certain lights, and in others gray”…still not very definitive. But eye colour does tend to change based on mood. (When I cry my eyes are a beautiful shade of green. Not an emotion I wish to sustain to have pretty eye colour, though.)

  2. Jenny
    February 28, 2015

    Aha, then I was correct about his eyes. 🙂

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