Happy Yermit purchaser
Super unique dolls and look even better in person! Love this so much and great communication! Thank you so much!!! A++ seller. "
"Her goal is to have a Yermit in every home, and we’re happy to help spread the word! How cute are these?! ... Not only are these dolls unique and lovingly crafted, but they each come with their own story."
Craft Love Blog
"Stuffed Singer Songwriter Doll by Yermit: Spot on!!"
Gypsy Eye Studio
"...I have found some wondrous inspiration to help get me through until the next they are in town. "
"I fell in love with these creatures the first time I saw them! Meet the Yermits... Yeti + Hermits = Yermit. They are made from recycled wool, other materials, and bits of magic! You can find these fabulous little guys strumming a guitar, playing a saxophone, or working on their laptop, in Yermit's Etsy shop."
Astulbee Craft and Art Journal
"And I cannot get over these dolls made by Yermit. Can not! I especially love the drunken bears... but really they are all great! "
Plush You
I like the work by Yermit
mr x stitch
Yermit’s Saxophone player: Yermit’s etsy store is filled with plush toy action. I thought Justin the jazz saxophonist looked like a good guy to know.

yermit softies

  • Whimsical One-of-a-kind Fabric Plush and Illustrations

    WAIT, WHAT'S WITH THE ILLUSTRATIONS? Drawing has always been my thing, but now I've decided to contentrate on them more. You can see more illustrations here.

    WHAT ARE PLUSH YERMITS? Yermits are soft, and cute, and cuddly and one-of-a-kind pieces of fabric art. Each one is designed by me (no patterns!) and handmade on the sewing machine passed down to me from my mother (who was also a fabric artist).

    Yermits range from small 7 inch cats and spacemen to large 20 inch guitar players, geeks and surfers.

    WHERE CAN I GET A YERMIT? Yermits are for sale on Etsy. If you don't know Etsy be sure to check it out - it's all handmade and vintage items. It's super simple to use, and you can pay online using various methods once you sign up. Click here for a gallery of some Yermits most recent items for sale.

    CAN I CUSTOM ORDER A YERMIT? I love custom orders! Contact me and let's discuss what you're thinking. You can pick the type of Yermit (animal, person, monster or more) the theme, colours, accessories, size and price range.

    moon yermit

    ARE YERMITS SOCIAL? No, Yermits are not, as a rule, social creatures. However, you can see pictures of them on flickr and read updates on twitter. Yermit is also a member of the Textile and Fiber Artists List.

    Yermits on TwitterYermits on flickr Yermits on TAFA

    WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YERMITS? Check out the Yermit blog. Watch the Yermits evolve, learn about new items and influences and see photos of happy yermit owners, and random greyhound photos (her name is Kevin and she's a retired racing hound).